News: Hollister and A&F

Hollister and A&F

Holister and Abercrombie & Fitch Use Sweatshops!

So you thought you knew Hollister and Abercromie and Fitch? Wrong! The next time you decide to buy clothing from these companies, check out this link. Look at the price tag of their shirts and compare it to what the manufacturers were paid. Big difference huh?

Check out this link:

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I had no idea. Thankfully, I don't shop at any of those stores (except Target). But now I'm interested in finding out about the other shops I do purchase clothing from!

Yes they do come to native sons in myrtle beach sc. I make them as a screen printer. I inhale glue daily and make 8 an hour. So not technically but when you take wage slavery into consideration. So hot in summer you pour sweat .

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